Cakes ~ Cookies ~ Tea Sandwiches

CAKES ~ $50.00  ~ all made from my inherited family recipes

Papa’s Carrot Cake  ~ My Papa’s favorite cake for every occasion….3 tall layers of luscious, made from scratch, carrot cake topped with pecan cream cheese frosting.

Luxe Caramel Cake ~ 4 delicate thin layers of homemade vanilla cake topped with the most luxe caramel frosting.

Homestyle Chocolate Cake ~ My Grandmother’s recipe for homemade vanilla layers and her special chocolate frosting.

GrandMother’s Lemon Cheese ~ A special cake you’ll be craving more of….Grandmother’s perfected recipe for thin, delicate white layers & her lemon cheese curd frosting.

Peanut Butter Cake ~ 3 tall layers of vanilla cake topped with homemade luscious peanut butter frosting.

Traditional Lane Cake ~ Grandmother Pelham’s recipe for 4 thin layers of luscious white cake topped with homemade lane frosting made with pecans, raisins, dates & a smidge of bourbon…. A luxe treat for sure!

Have a request?  Call me~ we’ll make your custom Cake, Cookies & Tea Sandwiches for you!



Cookies $30.00 ~ 3 dozen

Pecan Sandies   ~ A traditional pecan sandy made with locally grown pecans

Jam Thumb Prints ~ Luscious shortbread cookies with strawberry jam centers

Christmas Cookies ~ My Mother’s perfected Christmas cookie cut into Holiday shapes and decorated with

homemade sugar cookie frosting in your choice of colors.

Luxe Chocolate Chip Pecan ~ A luxe chunky chocolate chip cookie filled with a mix of chocolate & pecans

Deluxe Oatmeal Pecan ~ A luscious chunky oatmeal cookie filled with pecans {fillings can be customized upon order}

Various Biscotti Flavors  $30 / 11/2 Dozen  ~ Luxe Biscotti fit for a Haute Tea Party.

Various flavors available such as … pecan and sun dried plum, milk chocolate & almond, dark chocolate & hazelnut, and more!!

Scones  $25 / 2dozen ~ Various flavors available…. Orange, cinnamon sugar, caramel, pecan, and more!

Tea Sandwiches $50 / 2 dozen of 3 varieties  ~ 6D total

Call me to talk tea sandwiches….we have lots of varieties!



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